We’re proud to be Britain’s only Red Tractor assured baker

“Red Tractor for us here at Speciality Breads, is what sets us apart from our competitors. By using only Red Tractor certified wheat for our flour, we are supporting UK farmers and providing a uniquely British product that can be traced directly back to the farm it came from, and be sure that the farmer is growing to a high quality & sustainable standard”
Simon Cannell, Managing Director

If you’ve ever wondered what the little Red Tractor mark on our packaging means, it’s all about quality.

In 1999 the National Farmers’ Union asked Brits what they wanted from food. Britain’s consumers replied loud and clear: they wanted a simple, reliable, recognisable symbol guaranteeing high standards.

The result is the Red Tractor scheme, now Britain’s biggest food assurance scheme, created in 2000 directly in line with consumer demand. It’s administered by Assured Food Standards, who have set the bar particularly high. They license the mark for use by producers, processors and packers, making sure it only appears on foods that genuinely deserve it.When a product displays the Red Tractor stamp it means the ingredients are traceable right down the line, from the farm to the plate, as well as perfectly safe to eat and responsibly produced.

Since its birth the Red Tractor has permeated every part of the UK food chain, giving millions of people a genuine, clear stamp of approval they know they can trust. Today the mark appears on more than 550 top class product lines, including our scrumptious artisan breads.

What does the Red Tractor logo mean to the foodservice sector?

All foods carrying the Red Tractor mark have been produced to British Farm Standard, which covers everything from environmental practices to food hygiene, food safety and animal welfare, all of which is checked via strict independent inspections.

Thanks to the little Red Tractor, the UK foodservice industry can instantly recognise produce from farms that meet extremely strict quality standards. As UK consumers become ever-more discerning about the foods they eat, the mark’s popularity continues to grow.

As you can imagine, our wholesale foodservice customers love the Red Tractor because it’s a firm favourite with their end customers, the great British public.

Any questions about the Red Tractor?

If you’d like to know more about the mark, the inspections, how we comply with the rules, our lovely suppliers and the wonderful fresh produce we bring into play to create our glorious breads, we’re always happy to go into detail. Just contact us.