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It’s The Bread Song!

So you want to learn to bake bread? If you’re holding back on the assumption it’s a horribly complicated task, you’ll love The Bread Song. Take a look at this cool and very funny piece of video inspiration, perfect for anyone who wants to make their own tasty home-baked bread the simple way.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, every household baked their own fresh daily bread. These days most of us have lost touch with the fine art of creating the great British staple. But TV coverage and competitions plus a desire for great food have made great inroads into bringing baking back into the home in recent years and hand-baked breads are back in fashion with a vengeance.

The best thing about baking your own is that you know exactly what’s in it. Just like our delicious, flavoursome pre-frozen artisan breads, the real deal contains lots of lovely, fresh ingredients without all the chemical additives you so often find in regular shop-bought loaves.

There’s only one problem… watch the video more than a couple of times and you’ll find yourself unable to stop singing The Bread Song!

Thanks to Jaroas at www.sxc.hu for the lovely image)