Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything you sell frozen?

Yes. We do this to remove the need for the use of artificial preservatives and ensure that we keep food waste to an absolute minimum.

Why buy frozen?

There are 2 key benefits of freezing. One is that it removes the need for artificial preservatives and the second is that it almost completely eliminates food waste. We also freeze all of our breads straight from the oven meaning that most of our products are fully frozen within 90 minutes. This locks in flavour and freshness so once thawed they taste so fresh that many people often question whether they were frozen at all!

What is Red Tractor?

Red Tractor is an accreditation and label scheme that supports British farmers who adhere to high standards and are regularly audited. We are proud to support British farmers and only use 100% British wheat flour and 100% British rapeseed oil.

Do you only sell fully baked bread?

No. Our business started by creating frozen doughs for customers throughout the UK and beyond. Recently frozen dough has rocketed in popularity again and has become a much more important part of our business.

Do you sell Gluten Free?

No. To produce Gluten Free breads we’d need to build a brand new bakery and the skills required are very different. It’s a bit like asking a butcher if he sells veg!

Do you sell vegan products?

Yes. We now have over 60 products registered with the Vegan Society.

Are you a nut free bakery?

Yes. Since January 2019 we have been nut free in both of our bakeries.

I’m a member of the public, where can I buy your breads?

We have our own retail brand called The Baker’s Bicycle, which is available in many farm shops and delis across the UK. Have a look on the Baker’s Bicycle website and you can find your nearest stockist

Do you sell your breads in any supermarkets?

No. We’re foodies and passionate about bread. Unfortunately most of the supermarkets don’t tend to share our passion and instead focus their attention on price rather than quality.

Are you a sesame free bakery?