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Official supplier of breads to the 2012 Olympics

Some things are well worth showing off about, and we’ve waited a while to blow our Olympics Games trumpet! The embargo on mentioning our involvement is over and we’re delighted to announce, retrospectively, that we were chosen out of thousands of potential suppliers to provide artisan breads to the London Olympics last summer.

As the BBC South Today video below reveals, we supplied breads to the athletes, officials and VIPs: an astonishing 25,000 loaves and 120,000 rolls in total, which was both an honour and a huge challenge.

Why us?

We were chosen because of our strict quality standards and our total dedication to manufacturing the tastiest speciality breads in Britain, in all their wonderful variety: everything from popular local recipes like the Kentish Huffkin to delicious international breads like Focaccias and Ciabattas.

Obviously we’re hugely proud of our achievement, which helped create an unforgettable event by feeding Team GB and the world’s best athletes the very best breads in Britain! Here’s the video:

(Thanks to http://www.sxc.hu/profile/sundesigns for the excellent image)