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Rules for the Speciality Breads Prove It competition for participants residing in the United Kingdom  February – April 2018

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1 Speciality Breads will award a Gourmet Stay Package to the value of £600 for chefs or caterers based and working in the UK.  This package includes one nights accommodation with breakfast in a Classic Double/Twin Room and a 5 course tasting menu for two with accompanying drinks at Outlaw’s Restaurant.

1.2 This competition is being run by Speciality Breads,  It is not affiliated with twitter or the Capital Hotel and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or organised by them. The contact for the competition is Speciality Breads. All questions regarding this competition shall be sent to comp@specialitybreads.co.uk

Promotion Period: 14 February 2018 till 30 April 2018

The deadline for participation is 30 April 2018 at 11:59:59 p.m GMT

Prizewinners will be published on the Speciality Breads website (www.specialitybreads.co.uk) and on the twitter channel @SpecialBreads on 10th May 2018.

Participation is open to all chefs and professional caterers who work for hospitality companies (bar, pub, restaurant, hotel café, etc) at an address within the United Kingdom. Every individual may participate only once. 

Employees of Speciality Breads and their relatives are not eligible. The judicial decision is final and legally binding.

2. And here is how it works

2.1 Users will create their own video, picture or gif (hereinafter ‘contribution’ ) where they use one of Speciality Breads’ frozen doughs to make a bread or baked product.  The users will share their contribution along with a description of the creation using the hashtags #JustDoughIt on the Speciality Breads twitter page @SpecialBreads.  Alternatively, users can enter by emailing over their contribution to comp@specialitybreads.co.uk or sending it direct to their sales rep.

Speciality Breads will award the prize based on the criteria described in section 4.

2.2 By uploading the contribution to @SpecialBreads and using the hashtags #JustDoughIt #SpecialityBreads or by emailing an entry over, the participant accepts these terms and conditions.

3. Publication of user comments

3.1 By participating in the contest, users agree that their user name and current location may be made public on the Speciality Breads twitter page and website.

3.2 Participants approve that contributions posted for the competition may be published via other Speciality Breads’ digital channels and other publication media. Speciality Breads is therefore entitled to use, store and handle the contributions without limitation of place and content.  Speciality Breads shall also be entitled to edit and adapt the material, in particular to shorten it and publish only extracts, and to use quotations as well as to adjust it for the appropriate medium.

3.3 Participants shall assure that the materials submitted (such as text, images, video) are free of third-party rights and that they have the rights in them, and also that there is no infringement of personal rights, in particular that persons who appear in the contribution have given their consent to appear and to have their images used. Additionally, the participants will assure that materials submitted are neither contrary to public policy nor to public decency, and in particular that other persons are not discriminated against or insulted, and that as well no radical, racist or offensive content is included. The participants will hold Speciality Breads harmless from any third party claims which may be asserted in the context of the materials submitted due to the infringement of third-party rights, in particular rights of privacy or ancillary copyrights.

3.4 For advertising purposes, Speciality Breads may distribute and make public in print media and on the Internet photos of the prize winner and may adapt or edit these photos. Speciality Breads may also make public the above information and materials (such as photos) in a press release. The prize winner is aware that the recipients of the press release may further edit and publish such information and materials in various media (such as print media and the Internet). Consent is without limitation of place and content and is limited by time. Compensation shall not be paid.

4. Prizes

4.1 One main prize will be given. After the conclusion of Entry Period, Speciality Breads will select a potential winner from among all eligible entries based on the following criteria: quality (25%), appearance (25%), originality (25%) and consistency with Speciality Breads’ brand image (25%)

The prize comprises of a Gourmet Stay Package to the value of £600.  This package includes one nights accommodation with breakfast in a Classic Double/Twin Room and a 5 course tasting menu for two with accompanying drinks at Outlaw’s Restaurant.  The prize will be in the form of a voucher so the winner can attend at a date convenient for them.  The voucher has to be used within 12 months and is not redeemable or transferable. The expenses for travel from the place of residence to the restaurant and then back will not be covered by Speciality Breads. These expenses and any expenses required for a travel and accommodation shall be the prize winner’s responsibility.

4.2 The prize winners will be informed by Speciality Breads in a private message and will then be informed of the next steps. Only prize winners will be contacted via private message.

4.3 The following shall apply to all prizes: Cash refunding of the prize is not possible. The prize is not transferable.

4.4 The prize winners agree that, after the award of the prize, their user name, business name and residence may be published on the Speciality Breads website and twitter channel @SpecialBreads

4.5 If prize winners do not respond to Speciality Breads within 14 days following notification, they will forfeit all rights in the prize, and another person will be designated as the winner based on the above mentioned criteria.

5. Privacy Policy

5.1 Data provided by participants will be electronically processed and stored by Speciality Breads for the duration of the competition for purposes of implementation and management of the competition. Participants approve this storage. 

5.2 Any entrants will be contacted post-competition and asked if personal data can be stored indefinitely.  If not, info shall be deleted after the completion of the competition.

5.3 Participants shall be entitled at any time to request information on the content that will be stored about them and may at any time request deletion of that data at comp@specialitybreads.co.uk

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