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Sourdough wars, peas on toast, bread computer game

There’s nothing quite like beautifully-baked, supremely fresh wholesale artisan bread for comfort and joy at this time of year. On days like this, when it barely gets light before getting dark again, hearty food is exactly what we need. Here’s the latest bread news from Kent’s best wholesale bread supplier.

The sourdough wars rumble on

Sometimes things in the artisan bakery world get a bit tetchy. This is one of those times.

Sourdough is humanity’s oldest type of leavened bread, simply made from flour, water and salt.  There’s no yeast involved. It rises thanks to a living ‘starter’, basically a paste of water and flour left to ferment and create its own natural yeast and bacteria.

The Guardian and a host more papers are reporting on the sourdough scandal, an ongoing battle between bread purists and those who don’t really mind whether it’s 100% genuine but just love the flavour of their so-called ‘sourfaux’. 

Zimbabwe bread prices may soar again

Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube’s has brought in a new tax regime but it’s expected to result in huge bread price hikes. The Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe says a loaf will cost two US dollars – around £1.60 – from January 2024. The average wage in Zimbabwe is around £480 a month. In the UK the average price of an 800g sliced white loaf is £1.37 and our average median gross wage is around £2700 a month.   

Introducing carrot bread

You know carrot cake? Did you know you can also make carrot bread? Carrot bread is a type of quick bread a lot like banana bread and cornbread, with a texture somewhere between bread and cake. It’s leavened with baking powder and baking soda rather than yeast, giving it more of a cakey feel than a bread texture. It’s also more crumbly than cake because it’s made with less fat and sugar.

Love gaming? Give Born of Bread a whirl

Some cheeky folk tried to call the game ‘Yeastpunk’, but the designers settled on ‘Born of Bread’, not quite 3D but a two-and-a-bit-D adventure Role Play Game where you play Loaf, a boy made by accident by his father out of bread.

There’s a quest, a castle being plundered, an ancient civilization, evil entities from another time, and a race against the clock to stop the baddies collecting lethal sunstones. We have no idea why the main character is made from bread, it seems pretty random, but the game is fun and colourful, optimistic and warm hearted.  

Peas on toast and avocado breads

Avocado on toast has become a firm favourite in recent years. But there’s trouble in the avocado-loving world as the fruits become ever-more expensive thanks to climate change, natural disasters, import costs, labour-intensive cultivation, and increasing demand. The fact that avocadoes have to travel an enormous number of food miles isn’t helping, either. According to Waitrose, peas on toast are trumping smashed avocadoes right now, often embellished to perfection with a runny poached or boiled egg.

At the same time the not-so-humble avocado is being harnessed in a fresh new collection of bread products in the USA.  New Jersey’s Anthony and Sons Bakery has launched their new Avocado Bread Company brand, the first to sell a unique line of plant-based bread products using fresh avocados, which they call ‘a trending, clean ingredient packed with nutrients’.

Fabulous fried bread variants

As bread suppliers in Kent with a national customer base we like to keep our bread knowledge fresh. Fried bread the British way is a greasy gut-buster breakfast treat, simply friend in fat. But the world is home to a host of more exotic fried breads packed with flavour. Take Bhatura, a fluffy, soft leavened fried bread from India, and Portuguese yeasted fried bread which is famously soft and pillowy.

New Mexican Sopapilla bread is deep-fried and crispy, eaten with either savoury or sweet fillings, and Poori is a deep fried unleavened Indian flat bread, often eaten for breakfast. Vetkoek is a traditional South African fried bread a bit like Sopapilla, and Scovergi is Romanian fried flatbread made from eggs, salt, yeast, flour, yoghurt, and oil.

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