We're now baking with Wildfarmed flour

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Welcome to a wonderful, sustainable, Wildfarmed 2024!

A close up of a sunny field of wheat

This is an exciting time for us. We’ve struck up a fresh new partnership to be proud of with a brilliant business called Wildfarmed. Here’s the news.

Hooking up with delicious Wildfarmed regenerative flour

We’ve recently signed a contract to work with Wildfarmed, and we’re super excited about it. They grow wheat the right way, creating wonderful flavourful flour that’s better for people’s health, better for the soil, and better for the planet. 

Wildfarmed’s impressive level of sustainability complements our popular wholesale artisan breads collection perfectly, already a trailblazer in the world of Veganism and vegetarianism.  We can’t tell you how pleased we are to take this next vital step in making our frozen artisan breads not just delicious, but also sustainable in the best possible, most impactful way.

Making our legendary wholesale artisan bread even better  

Growing food the Wildfarmed way is all about sustainability. Their high standards are audited by independent third parties, blending flexibility for growers with real regenerative outcomes for businesses like ours.

Regenerative farming takes sustainability further. It doesn’t just preserve the status quo. It actually improves things, restoring and renewing the earth’s natural condition. A focus on healthy soils, thriving ecosystems, and positive farming communities positions Wildfarmed as protectors of the land that sustains us.

Wildfarmed’s regenerative wheat is grown alongside companion crops. They do proper sap testing and only use fertiliser when it’s absolutely necessary.  They avoid all pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, integrate livestock into the equation, and protect bare soil with cover crops.

The results are more than fantastically tasty. Our partnership means we play an even more important part in providing really good bread. And it gives our wholesale customers and their foodservice clients a powerful hook on which to hang their marketing and promotions. Let’s face it, given the choice, who wouldn’t insist on the best?  

Perfect for Veganuary!

Veganism isn’t a quirk any more. These days it’s more or less mainstream, with demand for quality Vegan and vegetarian foods soaring. There are many reasons. Some people want food that doesn’t cause harm to the environment, others prefer not to eat animal products. It can be a matter of flavour and it can be a climate change thing.  

Whatever the reasons, the Vegan Society says 4.5% of the UK population is Vegan or vegetarian. That’s more than 3 million adults and children who don’t eat meat or fish, a large tranche of whom don’t eat dairy produce either.

Everyone deserves great bread, and that’s exactly what we do. Whether they eat dairy or not, our breads will leave your customers feeling like they’ve had a treat – and not at the expense of the planet.

Join us for a fabulously sustainable, totally tasty 2024

If you haven’t tasted our breads yet, contact us via the link below for a free sample box of goodies. Once you’ve tasted them, we reckon you’ll be hooked… and so will your customers!