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Brioche Bun With Zesty Scallops and Pan Fried Salmon


4 Glazed brioche buns
12 Scallops, cleaned
1 Egg, beaten
100g Fresh, white breadcrumbs
2 Limes, zested
50g Unsalted butter
4 × 100g Boneless, skinless salmon fillet
Sunflower oil for deep frying
1 tbsp Garlic oil
1 Shallot, finely chopped
200g Petit pois
4 tbsp Mayo
4 tbsp Creme fraiche
2 tbsp Baby capers
1 Small bunch tarragon, chopped
1 Banana shallot, finely chopped

To serve:
Rocket or endive and lime wedges


Split the brioche in half and set to one side. Season the scallops with salt and pepper. Toss together the breadcrumbs and lime zest. Dip each scallop into the beaten egg and then into the crumbs. Set to one side.

To make the mushy peas, heat the oil in a small pan, add the shallot and cook gently for three minutes. Stir in the peas and 3 tbsp water. Cook for 1 minute. Season well and blitz.

Heat enough sunflower oil in a pan to deep fry the scallops. Cook scallops in batches for approx 30–40 seconds or until golden.

Heat the butter in a sauté pan, add the salmon fillets, season well and cook over a medium heat for 2–3 minutes.

Mix the tarragon tartare sauce ingredients together and season to taste.

Spread some of the mushy petit pois on the botton half of each brioche, top with a little endive and divide the salmon and scallops between each. Top with a little tarragon tartare sauce. Serve with a wedge of lime and extra mushy peas and tarragon tartare sauce.

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Glazed brioche bun (plant-based)