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Tin Loaf Afternoon Tea


Mini white tin loaf and/or mini multigrain tin loaf

For the egg mayonnaise with olive tapenade:
100g Pitted black olives
2 tbsp Baby capers
4 Sunblush tomatoes
1 tbsp Olive oil

For the mint and Cucumber with black pepper cream cheese:
1 Cucumber
Black pepper
Cream cheese

For the smoked Salmon with Lemon Butter:
Smoked salmon
Unsalted butter
Lemon juice


Fill these wonderful mini tin loaves with an array of delicious classic fillings, but with a twist. Simply cut each of the mini loaves into 3 and layer up with the fillings below. Serve on a linen napkin lined tea tray all neatly lined up.

To make the Egg mayonnaise with olive tapenade filling use a traditional egg mayonnaise. For the olive tapenade roughly chop the pitted black olives, baby capers, sunblush tomatoes and olive oil and put in a mini blitzer until a chunky tapenade is formed. Season well to taste.

For the mint and cucumber with black pepper cream cheese filling. Remove the skin from a cucumber using a swivel peeler. Gently run the peeler along the length of the cucumber to make thin ribbons. When you get down to the seeds stop as it will make the tin loaves soggy. Toss the cucumber ribbons with a little chopped mint and use to fill the tin loaves along with black pepper and cream cheese.

For the smoked salmon with lemon butter simply flavour unsalted butter with lemon zest, squeezed lemon juice and a little salt and pepper. Spread onto mini tin loaf slices and top with smoked salmon or trout. Add watercress or mustard and cress.

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