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Toasted Brioche Bun Glazed Seeded & Sliced with Caramelised Bananas, Butterscotch sauce, Lime Cream, Raspberries and Candied Pecans


4 Brioche Bun Glazed Seeded & Sliced, halved and toasted
10 Baby bananas, peeled and halved lengthways
55g Unsalted butter
2 tbspp Icing sugar
150g Raspberries
200ml Crème fraiche
2 Limes, zested

For the butterscotch sauce:
50g Unsalted butter
150ml Double cream
75g Dark muscovado sugar

For the candied pecans:
55g Pecans
1 tbsp Caster sugar
Drizzle Melted butter


Place the butter and icing sugar in a large frying pan over a medium heat. Heat until the sugar has dissolved. Lay in the bananas in batches and fry for a minutes each side or until golden.

Place the toasted chia and sultana brioche on a serving plate. Top with the bananas, raspberries, crumbled pecans, lime zest and a drizzling of warm butterscotch sauce. Place the toasted brioche top at a jaunty angle and serve a crème fraiche on the side.

For the butterscotch sauce, gently heat theunsalted butter with the double cream and in dark muscovado sugar. Stir over a medium heat until smooth and saucy.

Candied pecans are crunchy, sugary and just the best for scattering over. Simply place the pecans on a roasting tray, scatter over the caster sugar and a little drizzle of melted butter. Place in a hot oven, 200ºC for approximately 5 minutes until golden and crusted. Allow to cool before crumbling.

Flavour crème fraîche or yogurt with lime zest or serve au natural and just sprinkle the bananas with a little lime zest.

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Brioche bun glazed seeded & sliced