Who We Are

We Love Baking

Our approach to baking is very simple – we bring together the best elements of traditional baking skills and modern food trends to create stunning breads and sweet bakery products.

We hand-craft our breads wherever possible to add that personal touch and to keep real bread making skills alive. We only use the best raw ingredients, carefully sourcing our key ingredients, like flour from family millers and rapeseed oil from local farmers. We love what we do and we like to think that you can taste that in our products.

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Real bread
making skills

Innovation and creativity are at the heart of our business and having the freedom to create almost whatever we want is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We love being different

Some bakeries focus on producing huge quantities of the same product. Some bakeries focus on producing the cheapest product and some bakeries focus on making everything by machine. We like to be different. By using bakers instead of machines, we are more flexible and we love nothing more than coming up with a new idea and then watching it grow.

Hand crafted

We love our people

We take bread making very seriously but ourselves less so. We run a very relaxed office and you won’t find anyone wearing a suit. Many of our team have worked here from day one and that’s testament to the very friendly family atmosphere. When we say we’re a family we really mean it. We have several generations of various families working in different departments within the business. We think it’s a great place to work and we love to show off our bakery to those customers who are kind enough to pop down and visit us in sunny Margate.

Meet the team

We’re a

Many of our team have worked here from day one and that’s testament to the very friendly family atmosphere.

We love our customers

Ultimately, we’re here to support our customers, whether that be the wholesaler or the chef, we’re happy to help. We’ll always pull out all the stops. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we think the best way to experience our breads is to eat them. Therefore, we’re always sending out free samples to customers up and down the country so that they can experience our breads first hand. We do everything we can to showcase our products in this brochure and on the website, but you can’t beat eating the real thing. Trust us, we eat it every day.

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We Meet BRC Global Standards

Because our entire organisation operates to the BRC Global Standard, striving for excellence in every direction, our end products are as good as they possibly can be… completely and totally delicious!

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Meet the Team

The next best thing to eating bread is talking about it. If you’d like to try some of our products or just discuss how they’re made, please pick up the phone to one of our friendly team.

What a team

Simon Cannell

Managing Director

Favourite bread: Pugliese

Where Charlie’s dream was to a chocolate factory, Simon’s dream was to run an artisan bakery. He’s Speciality Breads’ Willy Wonka (but with slightly better dress sense – he thinks!)

T01843 209442

Steve Shingleton

Sales Director

Favourite bread: Pugliese

Slow proving is at the heart of many of our great breads and Steve has been proving himself for many years as a great Sales Director. His passion for bread is only surpassed by his passion for building great relationships with our customers.

T07795 195392

Neil Smith

National Accounts Development Chef

Favourite bread: Small white dough piece

Neil is our resident chef. A really bubbly character with more bounce than a bouncy thing.

Les Romney

UK Sales Manager

Favourite bread: Sourdough & onion roll

As well as being our UK Sales Manager, Les looks after the Midlands. Les has a watching brief for emerging food trends and is keen to instigate development and new ideas.

T07540 106611

David Willson

Southern Regional Sales Manager

Favourite bread: Ciabatta

David looks after the sunnier parts of the UK even including the odd trip to the Channel Islands. A big bread fan as well as a keen cricket coach

T07715 670900

Kevin Hall

Scotland Regional Sales Manager

Favourite bread: Rustic Baguette

Kevin is our most northerly sales manager. A passionate foodie, weekend cyclist and dog walker.

T07850 900030

Paul Johnston

Ireland Regional Sales Manager

Favourite bread: Ciapanini

Paul is our charismatic Irishman looking after all of our business on the island. A nice a chap as you’ll ever meet.

T07741 659828

Join our team

We are always looking for good new candidates to join our team. Get in touch to tell us about your specific skills and the types of roles you would be interested in and we will get back to you to discuss possible opportunities.